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My name is Neto, I was known as "The Rawboy" when I first started this vegan journey, but now I go by Neto Craves (I feel it resonates better with the person I am now).

I want to welcome you to my socials. If you already know me, thank you so much for your support. If you are new here, well, hello!

This digital work is dedicated to giving you ideas on creating delicious meals without using any animal products. I've been cooking vegan meals for about ten years now, and along the way, I've discovered fascinating and savory ways to enjoy a vegan/plant-based diet. 

We've created three digital recipe books with my team by my side. Craving It volume 1, Craving it Volume 1.5 Liquid, and Craving It Volume 2.

Thanks for being here and for the unconditional support and love throughout the years.

With Love, Neto Craves.

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